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The home market is moving well.

  1. Kophamer and Blean Realty prefers “Aggressively priced home listings”.
  2. We offer cleaning, repair, and preparation of the home, if you desire.
  3. Kophamer and Blean Realty offer home preparations, personal property auction and auction of home on a listing. We market the home to the client’s desire.
  4. Cash Flow spreadsheet is provided, if desired.
  5. Carrier service available by Kophamer and Blean Realty if needed for closing in the event that you are unable to attend your closing.


  1. Kophamer and Blean Realty provides rental property management, if desired. A 10% management fee is charged.
  2. Farmland management is 5% of gross cash rent. (Example: $300 per acre rent, we charge $15 per acre or 5% of $300 a year.)
  3. We also manage Mini-Storages and other commercial properties at 10% of rent.

Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA)

A Comparative Market Analysis is done by a Realtor and is strictly used for purposes of exploring what properties similar to yours have sold for recently. They cannot be used as an appraisal for financing purposes.  If you list with us, the CMA is free!  If you decide to use another firm, or try selling on your own a $100 fee may apply.