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Who We Are

With over 25 years of real estate experience, the managing brokers Michael Blean and Ken Kophamer have honed a philosophy at Kophamer & Blean Realty that always places the client first. They have brought agents into the office that work as a team to do their collective best for their customers. In this way they also maintain a relationship with our community that goes far beyond just a monetary transaction

Why Us?

  1. Our firm is owned by two very knowledgeable  and experienced Brokers, Michael Blean and Ken Kophamer who have shared their expertise with the sales and support staff of Kophamer & Blean Realty.
  2. Our sales team does not just specialize in residential real estate, but are knowledgeable in agricultural real estate and commercial/industrial real estate as well.  Our office also has a property management division and farm management division that can help you find a tenant for a rental or help you find properties that would suit you if you are looking to get into property management.
  3. We do our best to stay on the cutting edge of technology.  Our agents all carry smart phones which allow them to easily be contacted.

Our Team

Ken Kophamer

Michael Blean

Suzi Mills

Martha Kophamer

Jackie Woodman

Cindy Ottens

Domini Buikema

Kendra Kirk

Larry Brackemyer

Ken Mrozek


So after years of looking, God has blessed Paco and I with a new home, he has provided us with more than we had wished for... Thanks to Martha Kophamer, Ken Kophamer, and Kophamer & Blean Realty for their awesome diligence, time and patience in this journey.

Paula Rodriguez

We were first time home buyers, and our agent guided us through the entire process from looking at houses to writing up the offer and all the important details. And we didn’t give her an easy task.  We wanted land, character, and a barn for horses.  She showed us a variety of homes and her sense of humor kept us going despite discouraging moments.  She helped us find the perfect property. 

John and Erin Luckey